BIOENERGY HEALTH – Food Sensitivity Tests

At Bioenergy Health, our main aim is to help you to improve your health, vitality and happiness. To help this to happen, we utilise as a tool, state of the art testing equipment, the Omega Acubase


Food sensitivity testing involves the testing of food that you may be sensitive or intolerant to, using specialised electro dermal computer equipment called the Omega Acubase. The aim is to identify foods that best suit your biochemical individuality. This test can be performed for people of any age and can also be used for breastfeeding mothers to let them know what foods they should avoid on behalf of their baby. Tests on infants and young children are done by hair testing. (see explanation below)


Every item in existence has its own resonant frequency. Food is no exception to this. Each item of food is energetically loaded into the computer system using a special device that captures its frequency signature. Testing occurs by measuring the resistance that happens when each individual food signature is output to the circuit.


The process is simple and pain free. You sit in a comfortable chair and hold a brass rod. The tester then places a probe at certain acupuncture points on the big toe. This reads the body’s reaction by recording the amount of resistance that occurs as each individual food is tested.

We test for either 120 or 240 different types of foods and beverages and 80 alcoholic drinks and mixers (optional). You are given a printout of the list with clear markings indicating what foods to avoid, and which ones you can eat.


Hair sample testing, (not to be confused with hair analysis, which is laboratory testing of hair to determine heavy metals and certain minerals) is ideal for the following:

  • People who live too far away to personally come to the clinic.
  • People who work long hours and do not have time to come to the clinic.
  • Babies and very young Children.

Hair, even after it is cut retains the resonant signature or DNA of the person or animal it belongs to. We place the hair on a testing place that picks up this signature. It works in the same way as if the person was present at the clinic. We have been doing hair sample testing for over 19 years at our clinic. The amount of hair needed for the test is a ‘lock’ or enough to fill a teaspoon. It can be cut from anywhere on the head.


General – Tiredness, exhaustion, feeling of heaviness, dizziness, light headed, imbalance, feeling faint, hot flushes.

Hyper stimulation – Hyperactive, tense, restless, anxious, angry, irritable, fearful.

Hypo stimulation – Poor concentration, memory loss, slurred speech, dazed, depressed, negative, withdrawn, stuttering, confused, crying.

Head – Headache, migraine, disorientation, false perception, hallucination.

Heart / Lungs – Cough, wheeze, hyperventilation, tight chest, rapid breathing, chest pain, palpitations.

Ear, Nose, Throat – Itching, sinus pain, stuffy nose, nasal discomfort, sore throat, swelling, hoarseness, salivation, earache, ears ringing, blocked ears, hearing loss, high sensitivity to sound.

Eyes – Itching, burning, blurry, dark circles, spots, flashes, double vision, decreased sharpness, very sensitive to light.

Gastrointestinal – Nausea, bloating, cramps, gas, vomiting, pain, diarrhoea, hunger, thirst, rumbling.

Skin – Itching, sweating, pallor, eczema.

Genito Urinary – Urge to void, frequent urination, pressure, painful, difficult, genital

Musculoskeletal – Muscle tremor, cramps, spasms, weakness, tight, stiff, aching, swollen joints.


I am thrilled with the “Non-Invasive” Food Sensitivity Test that Peter did for me last week.

My original test was around 1999/2000. I have changed quite a lot in food sensitivities over that time. The results meant that some foods that I was having on a regular basis are no longer suiting me and foods that I had avoided for years were fine now…. Great news!! This explained why I had a bloated stomach and waking during the night. It has made a huge difference to the way I am feeling. I have much more energy and enthusiasm. Any foods to be avoided can be replaced by something else on the list. This will keep my immune system stronger.

I have encouraged other family members to have this test. Also essential for the grandchildren. My daughter had both babies tested as newborns and knowing what they were sensitive to meant that as breastfed babies they were peaceful. (She avoided these food in her diet.)

I would recommend everyone to have this food test. It is life changing and painless.

Peter, with his usual patient manner and years of knowledge educates as he tests.

Thank you, Peter!

Sue, Gold Coast, Qld