My Family and I have been professionally guided and wisely assisted with our health routines and access to innovative lifestyle choices for the past 23 years from our Naturopath, Anita Barry. Anita has assisted and accurately pointed out healthy and sustaining options to instil good choices and practices for my children and myself. I am grateful for Anita’s genuine compassion, rigour and quest for optimum health, to promote healthy lifestyle and choices, that we as a family can choose to adopt. Thank You for your compassion and ongoing commitment. You are a true treasure.

Julie W, Mt Tamborine, Qld

I first visited Anita in 1997/98 after she was highly recommended via a G.C. Naturopathy College.

I was having difficulty swallowing food and had discovered that running on the beach to try to improve fitness, resulted in coughing up blood. I started having excruciating pains in my stomach. Another Naturopath was unable to find the cause. Medical Doctors were baffled. Suggestions were to start with a Laparoscopic test via my throat. This was not on my agenda!

My first consultation indicated possible Asbestos issues. Yes, I had worked in many industries that involved toxicity and many of these were asbestos sites. I confirmed this with an X-ray which showed the typical scarring of Asbestosis on my lungs. (Family members insisted on this.)

I was initially treated with homeopathics and supplements and continue under Anita’s care. The internal lung scarring will always remain, but does not interfere in normal living. I do not have any of the old symptoms. I have been an avid cyclist and more recently morning beach walker.

I have regular tests as maintenance. I know this is essential and a wonderful insurance to continue to stay well.

Anita, no doubt, saved my life.

Thank you Anita.

Alan, Gold Coast, Qld

I have visited Anita and Peter’s Bioenergy Health Practice for around 17 or 18 years. I had tried other Naturopaths prior, for myself and family members. The computerised equipment used is second to none and regularly updated. Peter & Anita keep up to date and are often attending Seminars in Australia or overseas.

Anita has been my health professional for all my health needs from, food poisoning, eliminating menopausal symptoms, stress, flu, shingles, candida and general checkups.

I have learnt much from Anita. She explains as she is testing and my knowledge has expanded dramatically. I now have a keen interest in learning more about natural health. I trust and value her advice and see the positive results of treatments.

She is also a delight to visit. Anita is always bright and happy and ready to laugh.

S T, Palm Beach, QLD

I was treated for shingles by Anita which occurred after a lengthy time following a series of family trauma. Anita suggested that I could try FSM treatments for the excruciatingly painful blisters that ran halfway around my torso. I did have a number of treatments. This did help to heal them and minimise the pain and I have no sign of any scarring, nor do I experience any symptoms now. I would not expect that the shingles will re-occur as others having regular medical treatment could expect.

Sue, Gold Coast, Qld

I’ve have been a patient attending Anita and Peter’s naturopathic practice for more than 15 years now. I started seeing them aged in my early 20’s as I was in need of advice with some repetitive health concerns. I was not satisfied that my treating doctor could genuinely assist as I had been quite unwell for a period of time and all medical tests/assessments were inconclusive.

I regularly continue to use Anita’s consultations and prescribed treatments and I find I overcome health concerns quickly and completely. Anita spends quality time with me for each consultation and with her naturopathic advice I am forever learning about my body and my health and I have become much more self-aware. In my opinion, my general health is better now, aged 40, then it was when I was in my early 20’s.

My husband, who had never believed in naturopathic approaches has found great results on the occasions that he has needed health support and just for general ongoing maintenance.

What has been priceless has been Anita and Peter’s advice for our now 2yr old daughter.

We have used health assessments for general maintenance or on the occasion that our doctor has not been able to find solid answers. Peter’s food tests have also helped us give her the best start in life, to choose foods mindfully that we know will nourish her and not stress her system.

Especially with children, their ailments are mysterious and often unexplained as they themselves can’t articulate what they are experiencing and Anita and Peter have helped us through that to pin point exactly what we need to focus on to assist our daughter.

As a family, we are genuinely well, happy and healthy and contribute much of that to BioEnergy Health! Thank-you.

CD, Roma, Qld.

My horror journey started in 2003.

I noticed a weakness in the right side of my body. I didn’t take any notice but the symptoms stayed.

Having been a gym groupie, runner and squash enthusiast all my life, I was pulled to a halt. I had chronic fatigue and couldn’t continue to work….just lay on the couch all day even after sleeping 13 hours. So after a month or so I begrudgingly paid a visit to a doctor who sent me for an MRI….results showed the beginning of MS. The neurosurgeon said, “there is no cure” as he handed me a case of needles and potions and told me I would need to inject myself every day otherwise I would be in a wheelchair within a few years.

I had no intentions of taking drugs for my MS, because I knew it was caused by a toxin. I knew I had to kill the cause. So I called into my naturopath Anita Barry at Bio Energy Health to tell her of my demise. She said “don’t worry Laraine you will be fine”. She knew how to treat the problem. I made an appointment and was tested on her computer and the indication was possible mercury poisoning…Mercury is a common cause of MS.I had been to the dentist in the past month and had my teeth cleaned and polishing the amalgams released mercury vapour into my brain. I then had my 14 amalgams removed and replaced with resin composite fillings.

Anita prescribed homeopathics for mercury detoxing along with a number of other supplements. It took a few months for the treatment to kick in, and I slowly got my energy back. I know I could never have regained my health if I hadn’t had treatment from Anita. She is a top class Naturopath, skilled in homeopathics and natural remedies and you can ring her for a chat…an amazing listener at all times. So if you have tried all the Western medicine advice without success, give Bio Energy Health a call. They will point you in the right direction and you will be healthy forever.

Laraine, Gold Coast, Qld

We have been clients of Bioenergy Health for many years. During that time I have always found Anita and Peter more than helpful in every way, I have always found the hair tests have helped keep myself and my family happy and healthy.

I have had regular tests on my 3 year old daughter since she was one month old, which I believe has helped to keep her healthy and happy. I have recommended many close friends and family to benefit from Peter and Anita’s services and will continue to do so in the future.

Kelly, Scone , NSW

I have had great success with the hair testing on our Racehorses that were not looking well or had a drop in performance and broodmares that were having trouble getting into foal.

Kelly, Scone, NSW

Anita and Peter have helped us immensely over the last 2 and a half years by assisting us to treat a range of health issues including our daughter’s severe eczema. We are very grateful to them and will continue to recommend them to friends and family

Charmain and Michael, Brisbane